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-Програма за здрав начин на исхрана и живот

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-Програма за слабеење.

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-Програма за слабеење.

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My experience with Maya was wonderful! He was with me through every subsequent pressure to regain my general health and patient weight loss. With the help of the help I fulfilled my wishes for a better appearance, due to seasonal allergies and better immunity


Always available, dedicated to his work, attentive, caring, with the best advice and recommendations, further researches wanting to find the ideal solution for each of your problems. I warmly recommend it to you.


The infant and toddler nutrition guide is, in my opinion, very good for starting a baby / toddler diet. It was important for me to get guidance and a sense of how to start and continue feeding my son, and I can say that what I expected and much more is in the manual.